La Casa de Bernarda Alba

On Monday 5th December we travelled to London to attend a production of Lorca’s most acclaimed play “La Casa de Bernarda Alba.” This was a very relevant event for our A level students as this is the play we study as part of the A2 syllabus.

The play takes place in a small village in southern Spain following the funeral of Bernarda’s second husband. Bernarda announces to her five daughters that their family will observe a period of mourning lasting eight years.  The play deals with a variety of themes like freedom, oppression, vitality and social roles. Most importantly it features women as the central characters. Men are mentioned, but never actually seen in the play.  The characters constantly make reference to their place as women in a society that has very strict social codes governing the behaviour of both sexes.

We hope our girls enjoyed and gained a closer insight into Lorca’s work.

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