Teaching Spanish to Children

A day after the school broke up for the half term holidays, the A Level Spanish students of KEHS decided to surrender their lie-ins and come to say hola to the children of a primary school on Harborne. The class was split up into three groups of five and given the job of teaching primary school students the basics of Español. With incentives of free pencils, coloured balloons and a piñata filled to the brim with sweets, the girls managed to win the hearts of the children. They even convinced them to sing a special Spanish song along with dance moves that resembled the Macarena.

As A Level students, the experience was incredible; the interaction with the children was so fun and the fact that you could leave with the knowledge that you had managed to make an eight year old laugh was fantastic. What was even more encouraging was the enjoyment the children found in the day of activities with one girl exclaiming that this had been “the best day of my life”!

Sruti Banerjee

L6th Spanish

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