Pen Pals, By Anushka Chakravarti.

During the Easter holidays in 2012, the L5th GCSE Spanish girls went on a trip to Córdoba, Spain. The trip consisted of many fantastic excursions and experiences, however the best part of the trip was visiting a secondary school in Córdoba, Reales Escuelas Pías de la Inmaculada Concepción.

We arrived at the school, and were immediately taken by the difference between our schools! The school was disguised in an old building with beautifully ornate ceilings and architecture as well as courtyards for sports and activities.

We were very nervous about meeting the students who were between the ages of 14 and 17 due to the clear language and culture barrier. However, we instantly bonded with the students and very quickly became friendly through our ‘trial-and-error’ Spanish and their patience! We talked with each other about our countries and taught each other some common and funny phrases in English and Spanish. Many of us are still in contact with some of the boys and girls through email and social networks.

At Christmas, we sent them cards and letters, and have just received back an entire box full of letters and cards!

Personally, I feel that the establishment of this relationship between the two schools is a wonderful one and an excellent opportunity for both parts to get a better understanding of each other’s languages and cultures and also get to know different people along the way! In the future we would love to organise more trips or exchanges with the pupils to broaden our experience of the country and the subject!

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